LEGO Education BricQ Motion Prime Set

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  • Модел: Y745400
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LEGO® Education BricQ Prime is the brand new wat to incorporate STEAM and educational robotics in your classroom, helping your students build their confidence.

The Lego Education BricQ Motion Essential engourage students to discover physical science in action!

They will:

  • Investigate push and pull forces and use evidence to solve problems
  • Aplly scientific inquiry skills to show how the forces acting on an object can change its motion
  • Practise applying cause and effect & ballanced and unbalanced forces to design,develop, and optimise a solution
  • Stregthen oral communication skills as they participate in collaborative conversation and present their ideas

Lego Education BricQ Motion Prime Set

  • 562LEGO bricks (including replacement elements)
  • 1 printed building instructions booklets
  • Sturdy storage box with color-coded sorting trays


  • Science of Sports (secondary school)


  • “Getting Started” material
  • Lesson plans
  • Assessment tools
  • Online self-guided professional development


  • Facilitated training & professional development

Lego Education BricQ Motion Prime Set designed for students grades 10+ and most optimized for 45-minute lessons, our units accelerate STEAM learning by consistently engaging students to think critically and to solve complex problems, regardless of their learning level.

Етикети: Y745400