870T Biological Trinocular Microscope

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The 870T is a reliable biological trinocular microscope that can be used for light field observations. It is commonly used in various medical laboratories for clinical research in dermatology, biochemistry, cytology and other research. Thanks to the trinocular construction of the head, this model can be turned into a digital microscope with the addition of a digital camera as an eyepiece.

The microscope head is tilted 30 degrees and can rotate 360 ​​degrees around its axis. Four turret lenses, a Köhler lighting method, aperture adjustment and aperture field of view make the microscope an ideal tool for serious observations.

The subject table (140x155 mm) moves on two axes. Focusing the image is achieved by rotating the coarse and fine focusing wheels, which raise or lower the subject itself, thus bringing the sample closer or further away from the lens. The two focusing systems have a smooth motion with a step of 25 mm for coarse and 0.002 mm for fine focusing.

There is a halogen lamp with variable brightness 6V 20W mounted at the base of the microscope, which acts as a light source.


  • Magnification: 40–2000x
  • Movable coordinate object table
  • Fine and coarse focusing
  • Halogen lamp with adjustable brightness
  • Power supply from the mains
  • Oil immersion
  • Capacitor Abbe
  • Iris diaphragm

The set includes:

  • Microscopic stand with base
  • Trinocular head
  • Planachromatic lens lenses: 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (oil)
  • Eyepieces: paired WF10x and WF20x
  • Filters (blue, yellow, green)
  • Bottle with immersion oil
  • Eyepiece extension tube and focus adjustment extension tube
  • Adapter for installing a digital camera
  • Mirror
  • AC adapter
  • Dust cover
  • User guide
  • Lifetime warranty

Attention: Please see the table of technical specifications for the correct mains voltage and never try to connect a 110 V device to a 220 V output socket and vice versa without using a converter. Remember that the mains voltage in the US and Canada is 110 V and 220-240 V in most European countries.

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